South Australian Register

22 April 1874 page 7

New Wesleyan Chapel.

The foundation stone of a new Wesleyan Chapel was laid at Redruth on April 13, upon a piece of ground close to the Redruth Bridge and opposite the Court-House Hotel.

The proceedings were more interesting by being varied from the usual method. Instead of one foundation-stone there were four corner-stones laid. The first was by Mr. J. Pearce, M.P., of Kapunda, and under this was deposited a bottle containing copies of the Adelaide daily papers, a list of the Trustees of the building, and other information. Mr. Stephenson, the wife of the Circuit Minister (the Rev. J. B. Stepbenson), laid the next, Miss Orchard, of Aberdeen, the third, and Mr. Paull, the senior local preacher residing in the Burra Mine, the last.

Hymns were sung before each stone was laid, and contributions towards the building fund were solicited after each ceremony.

The weather was fine, the attendance excellent, and the proceedings lively.

On the previous day the Rev. G. W. Patchell, M.A., preached in the morning and afternoon at the Redruth German Lutheran Church, and at night in the Kooringa Wesleyan Chapel.

The Kooringa Wesleyan Sabbath-scholars, seated on their new and neat orchestra, for such their platform has really become, repeated under the leadership of Mr. T. Drew, Mr. J. Pearce being the harmoniumist, hymns that they had sung the previous Sunday, to the evident enjoyment of a crowded congregation.

There must have been 200 voices, and their modification of piano and forte and the clockwork exactness of time were pleasant and creditable for a country gathering.

On Monday a crowded tea-meeting was held in the old chapel at Redruth, after which, in the German Chapel, stirring addresses were given, Mr. J. Pearce, M.P., presiding. The Moonta strike was freely discussed.

The chapel building contract is in the hands of Mrs. Ana Pearce and Sons, of Kooringa, who will execute the carpenter's work. Mr. J. Tiver, of Aberdeen, will build, and Mr. R. Rees, M.P., who is the architect, has the control of the erection. The cost of the undertaking will be £600, or including the land, £700. The chapel will be a neat structure, capable of seating 200 persons. The contract is to be completed on 21st July, soon after which the opening services it is proposed will be held.

The handsome sum of £86 was raised during the services towards the building fund.

The Old Redruth Methodist Church

The building that stands today was opened in 1874 and replaced a series of Wesleyan Churches that had been built on this site since 1851.

The Nave was built in 1874 and what is now the Transept was added the following year for the Sunday School. As the need for more space was required for the growing congregation The Sunday School was relocated to Jubilee Hall in Tregony Street and the wall between the Nave and the Sunday School was removed to form the Transept. The Vestry was added in 1883 and the building has remained relatively unchanged since then.

The Redruth Methodist Church was closed in 1970 when it was decided to amalgamate the Redruth and the Kooringa congregations to The Kooringa Methodist Church. Prior to it being sold by the Uniting Church of Australia in the early 2000’s it was part of the Youth Camp and Conference Centre that encompassed the Church, the Sunday School next door and the Courthouse Hotel across the road (now privately used as accommodation).