Black Springs Wesleyan Church

Reference Burra Library LHBLA 1 LU 00001

Section 2032 Hundred of Stanley was granted to Thomas Tapley 4 January 1851 and the small part holding the church was transferred on 22 July 1870 to the Wesleyan Methodist Church. The trustees being: Rev. Lawrence Binks (Chairman of Wesleyan Methodist Church of S.A. ), Rev. George Lee of Kooringa, Richard Glasson, William Earle, James Pascoe, Digory Jago, George Williamson, Alfred Trezise, Charles Williamson ( all of Black Springs) and Philip Land and John Ricardo Stephens of Kooringa.


The Wesleyan Church had already been built and was opened 12 Nov. 1869 building later used as the Primitive Methodist Chapel on the Waterloo Road and which was later the Glendore Methodist Church until 1962. Wesleyanism languished in Black Springs and on 23 April 1884 the surviving trustees transferred the building to the District Council of Black Springs.


It was used as the Council Chamber until the Black Springs District Council amalgamated with the District Council of Waterloo.


Various secular uses including a residence and a wine shop.

This church was three different denominations before it finally became the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church:-

Wesleyan from 1869 -1897

Anglican Church of Ascension from 1898 -1962

Trinity Lutheran from 1963

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