Redruth Primitive Methodist Church
Tregony Street, Redruth

A group of trustees of the Redruth Methodist Church agreed to take over the church, which had been declared unsafe.

Six memorial stones were laid at the church on 7th May, 1902, the western wall was demolished and the building extended by 10 feet, this work was completed by the end of May 1902.

The Jubilee of Methodism in Burra was celebrated in June of 1902 and the former Redruth Primitive Methodist Church was from that time known as Jubilee Hall and used by the Redruth Methodists as a Sunday School.

The following account of the Redruth Methodist Jubilee Celebrations is taken from the Burra Record XV, 519, 25 June 1902, page 3.

Redruth Methodist Jubilee Celebrations

The class meeting at 9 a.m. and the prayer meeting at 10 a.m. were marked with great fervour. The President of Conference, Rev. J. Cowperthwaite, preached at the 11 a.m. service. At 2 p.m. the keys were given to Miss Reed as Secretary of the United Methodist Sunday School to open the door to Jubilee Hall. The President and secretary of the Conference then entered with J. Tiver, Superintendent of the Sunday school and then the teachers and scholars. Rev. H.J. Pope then preached the first service to the children who were also addressed by the President. An adult service followed at 3 p.m. The evening service by Rev. Cowperthwaite was followed by a Love Feast when many testified to the saving power of the Gospel.

E.W. Crewes was unavoidably unable to preside at the banquet on Wednesday and his place was taken by the President of the Conference. At 3.30 he also presided at the Historic Meeting. Rev. W.F. James gave an historical sketch of Redruth Methodism. Rev. H.J. Pope, who laboured in the Primitive Methodist Circuit some 30 years ago also gave some reminiscences as did Mr Rabbich and N. Coombe. May’s barss band played before the tea meeting at 5.30. The enforced absence of Rev. T.B. Anguin was regretted.