The Observer

19 November 1859 page 1

The new Bible Christian Chapel, which has been begun to be built to accommodate the large number who crowd the old chapel, is progressing rapidly under the superintendence of Mr. Burgoyne, the contractor. The gallery, which in the Wesleyan Chapel has also been rendered necessary by the same cause, will soon be completed by Mr. James Pearce, the contractor, and it promises to be handsome as well as a useful addition to the chapel, as Mr. Pearce is determined that it shall be equal to anything in Adelaide.

This second chapel was built at the corner of Quarry Street and Bridge Terrace, with labour supplied by cornish miners.

Eventually, the decision was made to dynamite and demolish the church as there were structural issues with the building, namely the weight of the slate roof which had caused one wall to bulge. The church was dynamited in 1909 however this did not prove to be very successful and remained in ruins till the 1930s.