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Burra Record

7 Oct 1947 Page 1

The Bible Christian Church began its work in Burra about 1848. Mr James Blatchford was really the pioneer. He journeyed from Adelaide to Burra in a bullock dray, taking a week to accomplish the wonderful feat. Messrs J. BLatchford, J. Pellew, and J. Halse conducted Sunday service in turn. A society of 47 members was formed, and a Sunday school and a church, which would hold 200 people, was filled every Sunday. They sent an earnest appeal to England for Ministers, and in response to that call Rev J. Way and Rev J. Bowe were appointed. Mr Rowe came to Burra. The church became too small, and a large and beautiful church was built at the corner of Bridge Terrace and Bridge Street [in 1859]. At the time of Methodist Union that church was closed and sold.